Re: Hearst Recreation Park - plans to build pool and bath house and reduce soccer field size

I haven't heard anyone say that the proposed Hearst Pool is the ideal solution in a city with limited public space available for such things. But there is a major difference between understanding compromise is needed when that the ideal cannot be implemented versus opposing a pool outright because it does not check every single box.  

Sadly, in our politics nationally, the latter approach is what has given us our rather toxic environment.  Ask Obama about how it was working with a Republican Congress. When I hear absolutist opposition rather than compromise on something relatively innocuous as the installation of a pool that is as sensitive to the existing environment as is practical, I begin to wonder if the reasons for opposition are something else. And frankly, I'm tired of the endless lists of thing wrong with new things planned in our neighborhood. Pick one: too tall, wrong spot, more traffic, more people, etc. 

In that the main opposition comes from those right next to the park, no different really than those who opposed the Purple Line or are now opposing the Palisades Trolley trail, it seems more an issue of keeping existing space for themselves. No expansion of public use on public land can come without those who previously enjoyed that space for themselves comes without some sacrifice. We each have to do our part to have a better City for us all.

Steve Seelig

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