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Classic Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories

This is a reading and discussion group for classic Science Fiction and Fantasy literature, of short stories / short fiction. We cover the beginnings of these two genres in the 1800's, through the great pulp magazine eras of the 1920's to 1940's, and up to the 1980's

Each month we read roughly two stories. (Depending on how the discussion goes, this may vary.) They can range in size from small vignettes up to novellas. The stories are available online free (of course, you can also find these in books as well).

This group moved from its original site on yahoo groups last spring, where it first began in January 2007. This group has a wiki page which currently has the list of group reads done in the past, and other resources.

Current group read:
The Man Who Liked Ants, by Leslie Charteris
Available online at
Video adaptation
And in books/magazines listed here

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