Weather outlook for GARLO 2009

Greg Smith

The forecast for Saturday, June 27 calls for sunny skies with highs in the mid 90s and a south to southwest wind at 5 to 10 MPH. It will probably rain, perhaps with thunderstorms, starting in the evening, but this should not affect our launch schedule.

These are excellent conditions and I am sure GARLO 2009 will be held as planned. We will probably set up adjacent to the south half of the Dodds Park parking lot. Members who want to assist with the setup should meet at 9:00 AM. Flying is scheduled from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. There is a waiver to 4000' MSL (about 3250' AGL), and we can support up to "H" motors on the field.

Keep in mind that it will be HOT tomorrow. Please slather on plenty of sunscreen, wear light and light-colored clothing (a GARLO 2009 T-shirt would be an excellent choice, if I say so myself), and bring lots of water and other non-sugary drinks with you.

You can call me at 217-840-1678 after about 8:00 AM Saturday if you have any questions about the launch or procedures.

Hope to see you there!


Greg Smith N9LHI
NAR 15881 * TRA 1974
Director of Operations, Central Illinois Aerospace
GregS@... 217-840-1678