virtual rocketry workshop for 4-H kids

Jonathan Sivier

A week ago today we were originally scheduled to hold a rocketry workshop for some 4-H kids in Bloomington. Obviously, it was cancelled, though we hope we will be able to hold it next year or at some other future time. Our plan had been to make it a hands-on workshop with the kids broken into small groups and team building some rockets under the guidance of an adult mentor. The intention was to expose them to good rocket building practices. We were also going to talk about several of the aspects important to building and finishing rockets that would be entered in the McLean County Fair 4-H competition.

It seems unlikely that there will be a competition for them to enter this summer. However, the 4-H organizers and trying to put together some virtual workshops for the kids over the summer. They are wondering if we would like to try to do something like that. They would like it to be a hands-on activity if that is possible. We have never tried anything like this before and I don't really know what might be possible. I thought I would put the question out to the whole group and see if anyone has any ideas on what we might do for a virtual model rocketry workshop.

Let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions.