topics for the monthly meeting next Tuesday

Jonathan Sivier

Our regular monthly meeting will be next Tuesday, April 7, at 7 p.m. at the Springer Center in downtown Champaign. The scheduled topic for the meeting is Rocket Photography. This can mean both taking pictures of rockets with a camera, or putting a camera on a rocket to take pictures as it flies. In addition some members of the Illini Space Jet project will be visiting our meeting. They should be bringing the rocket they are working on, which they ultimately plan to launch from a radio controlled aircraft. They would like to get some information and advice from us on rigging their rocket to use dual deployment, since it may fly very high and they want to be able to recover it within a reasonable distance. You can see some info on the project at their web page "". Some of the links are broken, but it may give you some idea of what they are planning. The main idea is to show that using a conventional aircraft as a first stage to carry a rocket to a high altitude and then launch it is a useful concept, somewhat like the Spaceship 1 suborbital rocket and carrier aircraft.

This should be an interesting meeting and hope everyone will plan on attending.