rocketry contest in May

Jonathan Sivier

In the past we used to try to hold NAR rocket competition events at our launches a few times a year. The NAR changed the way the organize and run their competitions a few years ago and we weren't sure how this would work and so haven't had any contests since then.

At our last meeting at the Springer Center we discussed this and decided to give a try at some contest events at our launch at Dodds Park on Saturday, May 23.

The events we will be flying will be:

1/2A Boost Glider Duration
1/2A Streamer Duration
1/2A Altitude (Altimeter)
B Payload Altitude (Altimeter)

You can find information about contest events at

For an overview of contest events for new fliers check out

To find out more about the NAR competition see

We hope that everyone will come out and fly at least some of these events with us. There are events there that everyone can participate in. If it goes well we will probably try to hold a couple of contest events each year. Perhaps one in the fall and one in the spring.