loading black powder charges

Gary Slater

There is a TRF thread on when to load black powder charges.  Or not.  Often times like this, those who speak up on such topics rarely if ever quote reliable sources for their information or why they do what they do.  BTW, that is one thing that keeps me from getting (or attempting) L3.  I don't understand enough and for me, having real info that is scientifically based rather than based on opinion from someone who has never done it or does what they do because that's the way they have always done something.  
Back to my question at issue.  
I almost always will load my charges at home before going to the launch field when I fly with motor ejection.  When I fly dual deploy with 4F, I will often load the charges the evening before in the hotel room or at home, including the e-match.  As noted in the thread, no wind, others talking around me or other kinds of interruptions and distractions makes it easier for me to get it right. 
Guess I have been taking a big chance based on opinion in this thread??
Since I am very electronically inept, your review and comments are very welcomed.  And please, no conjecture!