IAI launch tomorrow

Jonathan Sivier

We will be assisting the Illinois Aerospace Institute by helping them launch their rockets and boost gliders tomorrow, Friday. As in the past we would like to invite everyone to help out. We will need to set up the launch pads, etc., help the kids prep their rockets and put them on the pad and then pack up the equipment at the end of the afternoon. There are 43 kids this year so getting them all to make 2 or 3 flights will take some time. However as in the past I suspect there will be time available for us to make a few demo launches of our own rockets as well.

This year we will be flying at a different location than in the past. Due to a soccer camp we can't fly at Dodds Park as usual, so we will be flying on a recently harvested field in the U of I south farms. We looked at it this morning and it looks like a good place for this event. The field is at 811 E. Curtis Rd. in Champaign. This is on the south side of the road about halfway between 1st Street and Race Street. It is just east of the Police Training Institute firing range (the berm is visible from the road. There is a mailbox on the road with the street number marked. Once we are set up we should be visible from the road, probably in the northwest corner of the field. You can go in the driveway and drive behind the farm house to get to the field. We are allowed to drive around the edge of the field to get to the launch site. The Aerospace Institute will probably drop the kids off and then park their bus under some trees on the other side of the field.

We would like to start setting up around noon. Come then if you can, or come later if you can't make it then. If you need directions you can call me on my cell phone at 714-9524 or Greg at 840-1678.