GARLO update for 2020 and 2021

Jonathan Sivier

Since we weren't able to hold GARLO on its original date last summer we held a mini-GARLO at the launch in Rantoul on October 10. We had people nominate the rockets they liked best for a scaled down set of awards. Here are the results for GARLO 2020.

GARLO 2020 awards

Best Flight
1. Jake Hyde LOC 3" Magnum 3-cluster rocket on F67s
2. Jonathan Sivier Majestic on a G33
3. Shane Ramos Goblin cluster rocket on 3x A10 motors

Best Looking Rocket
1. Steve Dramstad Alcubierre on H550
2. Gary Slater Upscaled Tesla
3. John Robbins Cosmic Interceptor on E30
4. Adam Rouse AIM-120 Scale Rocket

Best Odd-Roc
1. Chris Deem Solar Probe on a H45W

1. Steve Dramstad Jayhawk prang into the road
2. John Hall fiberglass rocket lawndart
3. Rick Lyons Katana on a J315, mid-air CATO

I will work on getting ribbons to people for these awards. I also owe some people ribbons from past years and I hope to get that done as well.

The date for GARLO 2021 hasn't been set yet. It will probably be planned for a time in late June, early July next year. Hopefully things will be improving by that time and we'll be able to hold our launches as usual.

The theme for GARLO 2021 will be "Recovery". (We all hope the country and the world are in recovery from COVID and other issues by then,) In addition to our regular competitions of Best Looking Rocket and Best Flight, etc. there will be a theme competition for non-standard/exotic/interesting recovery methods. So try thinking outside the box for ways to recover your rocket beyond the usual parachute or streamer.

In addition we'll have a secondary competition for the best Mars Lander in honor of the Mars 2020 mission which is scheduled to land on Mars next year on February 18. This will have 2 parts. The first part will be an award for the best looking version of a Mars Lander (Estes kit/clone/upscale or use your imagination). The second part will be to try to get a rocket, or at least part of it, to land safely in an upright position. We'll award a ribbon separately for each part.