GARLO theme

Jonathan Sivier

GARLO 2020 (the Great Annual Rocket Launch Of 2020) is scheduled for Saturday, June 27. The rain date is July 11. Hopefully we will be able to be flying again by that time.

The theme for this year is 2020 Vision. It's a great title, but a little hard to pin down on what it means as far as the type of rockets that would fit. Does it mean we are looking ahead to the rockets of the future. Or are we looking back (hindsight is 2020) at the rockets of the past. Or perhaps it refers to the visions in the past of rockets of the future (future rockets of the past). Maybe it means all three and/or something else. Perhaps we can work in something about having come through this virus outbreak and being able to get together to fly rockets again.

It would be great to have a catchy phrase that would capture the spirit of the event that we can put on the fliers and t-shirts. So this is a call for everyone to put on their thinking caps and submit their ideas of a nice phrase and their thoughts on what sorts of rockets we should be looking for. We'll have a competition for the best rockets that represent the theme, but that will be difficult without a bit better definition of what the theme means.

So give it some thought and send us your ideas.