GARLO 2021

Jonathan Sivier

We have been discussing what the theme should be for GARLO next year. We would like to settle on a theme soon so that people will have more time than in the past to work on projects for GARLO. The date hasn't been set, but assuming things keep going OK and we are able to continue holding launches it would be at the end of June or beginning of July as in the past.

One suggestion that has been made would be another Mars Lander theme in honor of the Perseverance Rover that will be landing on Mars in February. We had a similar theme in 2015, but Mars is always a good subject for rockets.

If anyone has an opinion on using a Mars Lander theme (and suggestions for exactly what the title might be) we would like to hear it. If you have an alternate suggestion for a theme for GARLO next year we would like to hear that as well.

Remember we will be holding our Unofficial GARLO 2020 "2020 Vision" at our next launch on Saturday, September 26. We won't be doing most of the stuff we usually do for GARLO. However, we will give out a few prizes for Best Theme Rocket, Best Looking Rocket and Most Spectacular Flight. We won't be using flight cards for most of the flights of the day. However, if you have a rocket you want to enter in one of the competitions we will have flight cards to fill out for those. That way we'll have a record of the flights to be considered. We won't have a GARLO t-shirt this year, so we suggest that everyone wear your favorite GARLO shirt from some previous year. We'll have the left-over shirts from past years on sale for $2 each.

That same day we will also be staying later than usual and flying our annual night launch, so come prepared with a rocket or two with lights and flashers to fly after dark.