GARLO 2020 and other fall events

Jonathan Sivier

Due to COVID-19 we were unable to hold GARLO 2020 at the time it was scheduled in late June. Due to the restrictions we have had to impose in order to fly safely we don't feel we can hold GARLO in its normal form this year. However, we do want to hold a special launch for GARLO this year despite everything. So we have decided to designate our launch at Dodds Park on September, 26 as being "Unofficial GARLO 2020". Details still need to be worked out, but basically it probably will be the same as our regular launches at the park. However, we want to encourage those who have put together rockets for GARLO, or can put something together over the next month, to fly them that day. Remember the theme this year was "2020 Vision". That can mean whatever you like it to. We probably won't have all the usual contests, but we may award some impromptu prizes for noteworthy flights, good looking rockets and rockets that fulfill the theme in some manner.

Our next launch, after tomorrow, will be on Saturday, September 12. That is planned to be our annual night launch. So we will meet at noon to set up and start flying around 1:00 as usual. However, we will stay at the park a bit later so we can fly some rockets after it gets dark. Typically people put flashers or other sorts of lights on their rockets so they can be seen and then found in the dark.

We are then planning to hold our October and November launches at farm fields so that we can fly some larger high power rockets. Smaller rockets are still welcome of course. This will depend on the progress of the harvest, but hopefully we'll be able to get in a few high power launches this fall.