Balsa Machining sale

Jonathan Sivier

Subject: Aerotech 2008 Economic stimulus sale
From: Balsa Machining Service <>

Balsa Machining is participating in Aerotech's 2008 Economic Stimulus Sale

In support of Aerotech's sale Balsa Machining is reducing the price of all Aerotech product we carry by a full 25% off current retail price from now until Sunday Dec 14th . In order to take advantage of this sale orders MUST be phoned in. While this sale is on we will be manning the phones evenings and weekends as well as normal business hours.

View sale announcement at Aerotech's website
We can also order, for future delivery, any Aerotech product that we run out of during this sale.
This also includes Aerotech product that we don't stock and you will still receive the 25% off retail price! Use the link below to see current retail prices. Your price will be 25% off that! DO NOT, however, order from the website or your price will only be our normal 10% discount. In order to get your discount you must phone your order into us at 630-257-5420.

Also be sure to check out our complete and extensive line of 'Rocketry Building Supplies'. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.


Bill & Mary Ann Saindon
Balsa Machining Service
phone: 630-257-5420
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