Outlook for Saturday #Launch

Greg Smith

We have a rocket launch scheduled tomorrow, Saturday, September 26, at Dodds Park in Champaign.

Setup will begin as soon as possible after 12:00 noon, probably in the south half of the soccer field parking lots. There are soccer events scheduled at the park in the morning, so we may need to delay until they are finished, hopefully around 1:30 PM. Our waiver allows flying motors through "H" class up to 4,000' MSL (about 3,250' from ground level). The waiver expires at sunset at 6:43 PM, but we plan to stay later tomorrow for the second try at our annual night launch. This is a chance to try out your rockets equipped with lights, beepers, glow-in-the-dark parachutes or anything else you can think of to aid in tracking and recovering them. Night flying rockets are limited to 3.3 pounds liftoff weight and 125 grams of propellant.

If we fly tomorrow, it will also be our "mini-GARLO" launch, with awards for best flight, best looking rocket, and theme (20/20 Vision).

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is not good:


Saturday - Sunny, with a high near 85. Breezy, with a south southwest wind 10 to 20 mph, with gusts as high as 29 mph.


This sounds like it's going to be one of those classic "nice days for anything except flying rockets," with warm temperatures and sunny skies, but way too much wind. I honestly don't think we'll be able to fly, especially since the forecasts usually underestimate the actual wind speeds, but I'll try to remain hopeful until morning. I'll post the final decision about the launch here shortly after 11:00 AM tomorrow. You can also call me after that time at 217-840-1678 for an update.

Our next launch will be Saturday, October 10 at the Rantoul Aviation Center. We'll postpone the GARLO-lite activities until that day if necessary (but won't be trying the night launch again if it doesn't happen tomorrow).

We will be enforcing our physical distancing and masking requirements at tomorrow's launch.


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