GARLO followup

Jonathan Sivier

Despite the heat and humidity on Saturday, we had a good turn out for GARLO 2009. The wind was light and swung around between the south east and south west. We had 2 television people there filming us, one from WAND (there was a very short segment about the launch on their 5 o'clock news) and the other from WEIU, recording more launch footage for their Heartlands Highways program. There were a lot of spectators there at various times during the day. Some even expressed interest in flying their own rockets, so we may see some of them again at a future launch.

Here are the results of the contest events for this year's GARLO. I will work on getting everyone their ribbons as soon as I can.

Awards for GARLO 2009

Best Apollo Program Rocket
1. Chris Deem - Saturn IB, 1/200th scale
2. Will Carney - Little Joe II, 1/100th scale
3. Will Carney - Little Joe II, MicroMaxx
4. Will Carney - Saturn V, MicroMaxx

Best Looking Rocket
1. Greg Smith - Cheetah
2. Tim Dixon - Maverick AGM-23B
3. Brian Smith - King Kraken
4. Tim Dixon - The Sword

Best Flight
1. Chris Deem - Bullpup 12D on an H242T - Gary Buck Memorial Flight Award
2. Greg Smith - DeeCee Thunder boost glider
3. Mark Joseph - 38 Special on an H250G
4. Brian Smith - Renegade on a B6-0/C6-5

Spot Landing (on the Moon)
1. Alan Carroll - Green Rage 2, 41' 1.5"
2. Scott Stromley - Delta 2.0, 42' 11"
3. Scott Stromley - Edmond's Tinee, 47' 9"
4. Jonathan Sivier - Magnum, 50' 6"

1. Matt Joseph - Quest Tomahawk, power prang
1. Scott Stromley - Dragonfly Monocopter, pulled itself apart
2. Jonathan Sivier - Magnum 2 stage, failed to stage, lawn darted
2. Brian Smith - Epic Disaster boost glider, wings came off
2. Tim Dixon - Color of the Sun crayon rockets, failure to deploy
3. Scott Stromley - Outlander, unstable, pranged