Outlook for New Year's Launch #Launch

Greg Smith

We relax our usual weather standards for the New
Year's Day launch, so we can get a little
first-of-the-year flying in, even if it's too
cold to stay out very long. Still, we have our
limits, especially in regard to the wind, and it
doesn't look too good for tomorrow, I'm afraid.

Thursday's forecast is for partly cloudy skies
with a high near 40° F, but strong southerly
winds at 15 - 20 MPH, possibly gusting up to 30
MPH. If true, we might not be able to hold the
launch because of the legal limit of 20 MPH for
rocket flying. Since this forecast is right on
the edge, though, I'm still holding out some hope for the day.

As always, I'll make the final decision and
announcement about 11 AM Thursday. You can call
me at 217-840-1678 for information around that same time.


Greg Smith N9LHI
NAR 15881 * TRA 1974
Director of Operations, Central Illinois Aerospace
GregS@illinois.edu 217-840-1678