Outlook for Sunday #Launch

Greg Smith

We'll try to fly again tomorrow, Sunday, February 23, 2020, at the Forsyth farm field. We will again meet earlier than usual to give the student team plenty of time to prep their complex test flight.

For directions to this launch site, see

Setup will begin at 10:00 AM, along Schellabarger Road where it runs through the middle of the field. Flying can continue until sundown about 5:30 PM. Our waiver allows flying up to 10,000' MSL (about 9,250' from ground level).

The forecast (NWS for Decatur) is decent, although the wind gusts may require a few holds at times:


Sunday - Mostly sunny, with a high near 52. Southwest wind 7 to 10 mph, with gusts as high as 17 mph.


We'll look at the wind speed tomorrow before deciding whether we can fly, but I'm fairly optimistic it will work out. As always, I'll look at the actual conditions and short term forecasts and post the final decision about the launch here about 8:00 AM tomorrow (an hour earlier than usual due to the long travel time to the launch site). You can call me after that time at 217-840-1678 for an update.

Our next regular club launch will be Saturday, March 14, also at the Forsyth site.


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