Rocket spoted on Bing maps

William Carney

I spotted a rocket on Heavy Rescue in their parking lot.  Here's the email I sent to them and the reply.  The rocket can be seen on Google maps. 

42.946673, -82.374656

Look above and to the right of the building with a white roof.  There's two white roof trailers.  Next to them to the right is the rocket on a flat bed.

Hi William,


Great catch on the rocket. It is a very neat story. It was the mock up for a Canadian company that was trying for the X Prize . NASA created the X Prize contest which was a space competition offering a $10,000,00 prize for the first non government organization to launch a reusable manned space craft into space twice within two weeks. (The Canadian team did not win). One of the scientist working on it was from Sarnia and somehow the rocket ended up at the Sarnia airport for many years. A local business man and a friend of mine purchased it for the trailer and that is how it ended up in our yard to be stored for him.


Thanks for watching Heavy Rescue

Gary Vandenheuvel


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I saw a rocket on a flat bed in your lot watching Heavy Rescue 401.  I was just wondering what it was, history etc.


Jeffrey Suckow

Ahhh the Canadian Arrow.  I love that Estes model.


Greg Smith

Basically, take any V-2 kit and paint it in a fancy red and white color scheme. They are almost identical in size, shape and performance (although the Arrow was a two-stager that split in the middle).






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Ahhh the Canadian Arrow.  I love that Estes model.