dual deployment of recovery system at meeting next Tuesday #Meeting

Jonathan Sivier

The topic of our June meeting at the Springer Center will be "The
Ins and Outs of Dual Deployment." Dual deployment refers to a set of
methods used to reduce how far your rocket drifts during recovery.
Basically the idea is to have the rocket fall quickly after apogee so it
doesn't drift very far with the wind, but then open the main parachute
as it approaches the ground so it will still land softly. So there are
2 deployment events, one at apogee with a small parachute, or sometimes
no parachute, and then another close to the ground opening a larger
parachute for a soft landing. There are a variety of ways to accomplish
this, and obviously it is a bit more complex than a typical flight with
only one parachute. However, there can be a real benefit, especially if
you have a high flight on a windy day. Usually this is considered to be
an advanced topic for high power rocketry, but there are also ways to do
this with smaller rockets. This could be of interest to everyone, no
matter what size rockets you fly.

So at the meeting next Tuesday at 7 p.m. we will be discussing dual
deployment options and methods and will show you how you too can reduce
the distance you have to walk to recover your rockets. Everyone is
encouraged to attend the meeting. You might learn something new and
useful and there will likely be time for other questions or discussions
of other aspects of model rocketry.

I hope to see everyone there.