Build technique? #Tech

Gary Slater

Got the Estes Mars Longship.

There are 3 thick (about 1mm) pieces each 1 in wide that have to be glued to a 4 in diameter ring. Those thick pieces are of course flat and have to be curved.

The Apogee website recommends wetting them prior to bending to prevent undesired creases. I was afraid to do that.

I used this 1 in diameter dowels to cover, tape then zip tie to. Hopefully they will hold their curve when i release them after a couple of days.

The pieces have a smaller area as seen in the photo. I marked both ends the aligned those on the pencil mark on the dowel to make sure the curve is proper.

Its a very interesting kit. Some plastic parts included. Reminds me a bit of the 2001 ship.

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