Re: Centering Ring Placement

Kevin A

I would think at the top of the TTW fin tab would give the best support... But how far past that point does the MMT extend?

If that ring is not at least slightly past the midpoint of the MMT, I'd be looking at other options... Perhaps some shims at the leading end of the MMT tube vs a full ring?

Just my noob thoughts.


On Thu, Jun 10, 2021, 4:50 PM Gary Slater <gws77@...> wrote:
Taking a pole.  
I know what I want to do.  This is just for discussion, especially for the newer flyers who may be wanting to get into more mid-high power flying.  (Chris will like that!)
This rocket uses a Loc 5.5 in airframe with a 38 mm MMT and will fly H-J motors.
I have only 2 centering rings. Adding a 3 ring is not an option.
Do you like:
1: the forward ring in the most forward position at leading fin tip 
2: on top of the TTW fin tab? 
The other will of course, will be located behind the fin tab.
Thanks for your input.  

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