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Jonathan Sivier

You can also complain to your ISP and/or Comcast that their service is causing problems and if you are very lucky they may be able to fix it or tell you how to work around it.


On 1/23/2021 12:53 PM, Jonathan Sivier wrote:
It appears that other people with Comcast addresses are having a similar problem (not on our list as far as I know, but on other lists). It looks like this problem has just started, so it may be something got changed by Comcast in their email program that is now causing a problem. One suggestion someone made was to check the information at the Xfinity help page <;!!DZ3fjg!qvEWKF8tsHKSTNxg3BCZNWAmNKgCi8WR2nxSOLhpfd-g3zSDMT5iojiqmmr1NPvAFQ$>

About halfway down the page it mentions the "Email Safe List". I'm guessing this is a place you can list addresses and/or domains and tell Comcast that they are OK and that messages from them aren't spam.


On 1/23/2021 12:44 PM, Jonathan Sivier wrote:

Other people may run into this sort of problem, so I'm replying to the whole group. We may need to take the discussion off-line to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the problem.

Many ISP's (Internet Service Providers) have a way you can specify that a given address is OK and messages from that source aren't spam. This is sometimes called a "whitelist" and sometimes has other names. However, the idea is that you can tell your ISP not to mark any messages from that source as spam.

One thing to be sure is that you don't allow the messages that get marked as spam to be deleted from your mail until you have marked them as not being spam (or more likely unmarked them as spam). Many ISP's have a policy that if mail from a given address is marked as being spam they send a complaint to the source of the mail and the way is handling those complaints is to remove the person complaining from the list. The thinking is that if you consider mail from a list to be spam, then you don't want to be on the list.


On 1/23/2021 11:06 AM, Gary Slater wrote:

I have never had problems getting emails from group members, until now.  Suddenly in the past week I am receiving all emails from members marked as spam.  I have moved to Mattoon and although my provider has changed my email address has not.
Any recommendations?  I am computer illiterate for the most part about these things.

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