Re: spam from cia

Randy Milliken

My suggestion is to get a gmail account. At that point your email address is not tied to any ISP. (That makes changing providers easier if something better comes along.)
Gmail is also better at processing what is and what isn't SPAM. 
It's also easy to whitelist addresses so they always get through without being processed.

That being said, you still need to be very careful opening any emails nowadays. 
If anything in the subject line or body of the message doesn't sound right, definitely don't click on any links.

I deal with cybersecurity for a living. 
The Internet is a scary thing when you analyze log files and see what's out there. 



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Subject: [cia-rocketry] spam from cia

I have never had problems getting emails from group members, until now.  Suddenly in the past week I am receiving all emails from members marked as spam.  I have moved to Mattoon and although my provider has changed my email address has not.  
Any recommendations?  I am computer illiterate for the most part about these things.  

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