Thank you

Gary Slater

I want to take a moment this morning to thank all of my friends in our little group for all you have helped me with since I joined.  I have really appreciated it and continue to do so.  So many of you have contributed to my rocketry growth and experience is many ways.  
This year needs no mention of a certain "interference" we have had in our activities.  But at least for a brief time this summer and fall we were able to enjoy our hobby.  In spite of the limited time we had to fly, I had a relatively good year.  On more than one occasion, some of you helped again with input on another weird upscale build and my terrifying (for me anyway) flight of my DX3 XL which I did final prep and everything alone that gave me a personal new high altitude record.  It was a very good flight!
So thank you!
And for those of you who choose to celebrate, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. And for any who choose not to believe and/or celebrate, I still wish you all the best.  
Happy New Year 2021.  I am looking forward to it.  

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