Re: Starship Prototype WEDNESDAY

Shaun L. Bill 
No earlier than 1500 at this point...

On 12/09/2020 12:30 PM Jonathan Sivier <jsivier@...> wrote:
As we learned yesterday the launch can be scratched, even at the very last second and the email list isn't a very good way to discuss a real-time event list this. Is there a link to coverage of the launch like there was yesterday? Perhaps you can post it and those who are interested can tune in. I think we should try to limit the amount of chatter on the list. Announcing an event and inviting people to check it out is good, and if anyone has anything significant to add that is also fine. However, I think we got a bit caught up in the event yesterday and had a lot of messages that didn't really add much to the discussion for those who weren't watching the coverage. I don't know if the Facebook group would work better for chatting about a real-time event. It may be that nothing we have currently set up will work well for this.


On 12/9/2020 12:14 PM, Shaun L. Bill wrote:
Looks like hey are prepping to try again.
WB-57 has a flight plan is currently slated for TO at 1230.
Nothing happening before 1pm.

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