Re: call for nominations for GARLO awards

Adam Rouse

I would like to self-nominate my AIM-120 Scale Rocket for the Best Looking category. 😊 I launched it on the last rack at dusk. I have attached a better picture because it was hard to see the rocket at dusk. I also attached a photo of the real thing for reference.


Background pattern

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Text, whiteboard

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A field with trees in the dark

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I would like to Second the nomination of Chris’s Flying Saucer on an H for Odd-Roc, John’s Doorknob for Best Flight it went up straight and almost hit the pads it came down so well, Steve’s crunched Jayhawk for Prang, and Shane’s little clustered goblin for best flight, it was fun to see the little rocket blast off on 3 engines.


Overall, great launches everyone!




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