Re: call for nominations for GARLO awards

John Robbins

Thanks for hosting the event.  My first time at Rantoul site.  Started small and went larger.


Would of liked to have gotten a few more in the air but it was a good day.  6 out of 6. 


My flights outlined below.



Rantoul Site


Corvette Class




First time launching in Rantoul.   Partly cloudy, temps in the mid 70s, partly cloudy, winds out of the  SE 5-10.  Later on in the day winds were zero and skies should clear. 
Maiden flight checking wind.  Good flight in the field 50’ from the pad downwind.


Rantoul Site






Clustered rocket.  Maiden flight.  2x C6-3.  Great straight flight.  In the field 100’ downwind of the pads.


Rantoul Site


Cosmic Interceptor




GARLO Best Looking Rocket flight.  Great straight flight with little twist.  In the field 50’ downwind of the pads.


Rantoul Site






Great maiden flight with Vanderburn upgrades. Low and Slow.  Chute release @300.  In the field 20’ upwind of the pad. My closest to the pad.


Rantoul Site






Boosted flight with a F15.  Rod little too angled.   Good ignition of upper stage and headed down range when booster lit.  Landed 1/2 mile from pads next to runway.  Spent little time finding due to incoming planes.  Chute release @ 300.


Rantoul Site


Nike smoke 29




Last of the day and getting dark.  Little concerned about delay but went with it.  Heard it whistling coming in but popped and chute release at 300.  Landed 500’ upwind.  No zipper.



John Robbins


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Sent: Sunday, October 11, 2020 12:01 PM
Subject: [Special] [cia-rocketry] call for nominations for GARLO awards


Think Secure. This email is from an external source.

Yesterday's launch was very successful. The weather turned out to be great and we had a very good turnout and lots of great flights.

As was mentioned in the announcements this was to be our "mini GARLO". We didn't have flight cards as we typically do at GARLO, so we don't have a good record of all the flights that were made. However, we do want to make some awards as we normally do for GARLO. So we are asking people to nominate their own flights, or if they recall an impressive rocket or flight during the afternoon you can nominate someone else.

Here are the categories we will be giving 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place awards for:

Best Flight - The most impressive (successful) flight of the day. In your nomination message mention what made the flight so impressive to you.

Best Looking Rocket - This is fairly self-explanatory. It only needs to have made a successful flight. The flight itself doesn't need to be particularly impressive, as long as it went up and came down safely.

Best Rocket for the GARLO Theme - The theme this year was 2020 VIsion. The interpretation of this was left to the imagination of the rocketeer. In your nomination message tell us how you interpreted the theme and how the rocket you are nominating embodied that theme.

Odd-Roc - The best flight by a rocket that is somehow different than the usual 3 fins and a nose cone type rocket.

Prang - Not all rockets had successful flights. We do have some prang awards for those that experienced some problems in their flights.

Send your messages to the list so we can all see the nominations and at the same time relive some of the days flying. The deadline for submitting nominations will be next Saturday, October 17. After that time the awards committee will consider the submissions and make their decisions on the final awards.

To get the ball rolling I would like to nominate the flight of my Majestic on a G33 for one of the best flights of the day. It had a dark black smoke trail that was perfectly straight and very long as the motor burned for almost 4 seconds. It looked like someone had drawn a line up into the sky with a black Sharpie pen. We lost sight of the rocket after the motor burned out, but then it was spotted coming down shortly before the Chute Release opened the parachute at 300 feet. It landed safely in the field and was easily recovered.


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