Re: AeroTech sale

Dean Babcock

Chris, please order me the following
(1) J-275W
(2) I161W


On Aug 24, 2020, at 9:24 PM, Christopher Deem <chris-deem@...> wrote:

AeroTech is having a sale. It amounts to about 5% off retail. So, since
our high power flying season starts in a couple of months, I will send
an order in, if there is enough interest. The sale includes all Quest
products as well. My price will be 75% of retail for up to 54mm motors,
kits, and parts. And 70% of retail for 75mm and 98mm. The sale ends at
the end of September. If you want anything, e-mail me at chris-deem@....

Christopher Brian Deem NAR 12308 TRA 2256 level 2

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