Re: we are planning to launch rockets at Dodds Park on July 11 #Launch

Greg Montalvo

In April I launched with the QCRC.  Most everyone wore a mask when out of the their cars, but if recommended social distancing protocols are used, this can be done safely.


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Hopefully it will go.  As far as masks I can't wear one right now due to medical issues.  My doctor has got me on several new drugs to see if it helps in my breathing.  I have been tested once and will get tested every month.  Generally I'm in stage 2 or 3 right now in allergy attack.  Hyperventilation happens way to often.  Stage 4 is anaphlylaxis  which I've never had.  The CDC does allow for several exemptions including medical issues or kids 3 and under.  Hopefully my new med's will work and I can tolerate a mask.  I have two new inhalers and one pill to try.


If I can come providing we have a launch I have some stuff to give away and some to sell as well.




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Now that Illinois has moved to Phase 4 of the reopening plan we have gotten the OK from the park district to hold launches at Dodds Park in Champaign. Our first scheduled launch will be on Saturday, July 11. We will plan on meeting there at noon to set up and hope to be flying by around 1 p.m.

We will be putting together a plan for how to hold the launch safely. Details will be forthcoming, but it will probably include not attending if you have a fever or don't feel well, setting up your stuff well separated from the rest of the participants, wearing a mask when not far away from everyone else and limiting the number of people who can be working at the pads at any given time. This will be our first time doing this and I'm sure there will be things that will have to be worked out. So I hope everyone will have patience as we figure out how to safely hold launches during this difficult time.




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