Re: L3?

William Carney

I had a tracker transmitter and altimeter in a nose cone on a rocket.  It nose dived into the farm soil and MWP.
Someone brought back the bottom of the rocket and did not dig out the nosecone.  200.00 of electronics still in the ground.  I know they were still ok that day since I still got a signal but could not pinpoint it being underground.  The person thought they were doing a favor but it cost me a NC-ebay, MAWD and tracker.

Have not had the money to buy a new tracker since.

Hope someone finds your rocket and it gets back to you.


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I have a love/hate relationship with my featherweight tracker. When it works it’s great but nearly every time I fire it up you have to update firmware and you have to relearn how to use it. Have gotten in the habit of starting them up a few days before the launch and getting reacquainted with them. Steve

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So sorry to hear this, John. Looking forward to seeing you before too much longer.


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Hi guys, sorry I’ve been caught up in a reorg at work on top of covid and really busy. I lost my rocket during my level 3 attempt on Sunday at mmwp. It’s a long story but my tracker was locking on to another guys, I can share details next time we get together. It was a beautiful flight on the way up though! John

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