Re: rail to pad attachment?

Greg Smith

The drilling goes smoothly enough (though not especially fast) once you get it started. Just use plenty of cutting oil. The problem is keeping the bit in place when starting the hole on the top of the very curved rod surface. A regular center punch didn’t make enough of a dent to hold it in place and the bit would readily slip off to the side. I finally ground out a bigger divot with one of the stone grinders in my Dremel kit and it worked once I got it big enough. A really sturdy drill press vise is needed too.


For a stand, you could use something like L-shaped corner braces to fasten the rail vertically to a baseboard. Three sides minimum or all four if that would work aesthetically. Either use the special nuts that engage in the slot, or just drill all the way through the aluminum rail. (It’s soft and that’s pretty easy.)






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Ok thanks, Greg.  Must be a real chore drilling thru that 7/16 stainless rod.  And one would need two holes so double the work.  

I am considering a stand for one of my rail guided rockets to keep it upright therefore using a much small foot print rather than taking up more space on a horizontal pvc type stand.  The rocket is only 54mm but is heavy and awkward so looking for something a bit more than just leaning against the corner too

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