Re: rail to pad attachment?

Gary Slater

Ok thanks, Greg.  Must be a real chore drilling thru that 7/16 stainless rod.  And one would need two holes so double the work.  
I am considering a stand for one of my rail guided rockets to keep it upright therefore using a much small foot print rather than taking up more space on a horizontal pvc type stand.  The rocket is only 54mm but is heavy and awkward so looking for something a bit more than just leaning against the corner too.  

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They are sections of 7/16” stainless launch rod. I drilled two ¼” holes transversely through the rod, and stainless hex head bolts go through those holes and into the slot on the 1010 rail. 80/20 makes a special nut that fits into the slot to accept ¼-20 bolts, used for many purposes when connecting those rails together and to the plethora of accessories they offer.






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Don't our launch rails have a 1/4 or 1/2 inch rod attached to them that goes into the pad mount?  How are they secured together?  



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