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Christopher Deem

Looking good. I need to start repairing rockets.

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From: Gary Slater <gws77@...>
Date: 6/5/20 10:35 AM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: [cia-rocketry] Rocket Redo

Here is another of my covid induced rocket projects. 

About 4-5 years ago, this rocket was damaged at a launch in Rantoul.  That was the day I broke two of our old pvc pads.  One of the launch lugs was ripped off and the forward end of the air frame (not the payload bay) was damaged. 

The picture showing a blue and yellow rocket with yellow flames was my first high power and first large rocket build.  That is a picture taken while loading the igniter for my successful L1 flight.

I finally decided to make the necessary repairs and a few changes.  

The most obvious repair was a new paint job, minus the flames.
It is now six inches longer.   I like big rockets!
It will now fly with white rail buttons.  

I still have lots to do on the Fliskits upscale.  Someday soon hopefully it will be done.  

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