Re: Progress report pictures

Mark Joseph

Great, Tim! I like them both - two very different split-fin designs. And I always had a thing for the old BSD Thor. Best to you on the move and its associated issues.



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Subject: Re: [cia-rocketry] Progress report pictures

Cool Mark!

I too am building although it is a bit tough while moving to a new location and getting things unpacked and set up. But, have a BSD Thor in a naked state, and a Mach 1 Daedalus in primer/filler.

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Well, since you asked...and just to point out that I really do build rockets sometimes - here's an impulse buy/project that I worked on over the weekend. It's a Mach 1 Trivecta 324 in progress. I've been interested in taking a look at his kits for a little while, so here it is - suddenly jumped to the head of the build pile. It was therapeutic to stop other things and mix some epoxy.

Thanks for asking, Gary!


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Subject: [cia-rocketry] Progress report pictures

Wondering if anyone has been working on rocket builds and or repairs beside Steve and I.

Care to share with some photos or are you saving for GARLO? Although I fear at this point a GARLO in June is in jeopardy.

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