Rocket modification

Gary Slater

Trying this again.

Several years ago I built the unpainted rocket, a Flis Kits Borealis. It flew well the first flight at the scout event in Rantoul although not too high. So I put a bigger motor in it for the second flight. Going from B to C who would have thought? Just goes to show you, those tubes just weren't up to the higher thrust and you can see the result. And that can apply either way, too much or not enough. It has sat around ever so slowly tilting more and more over the years.

Anyway, I just happened to have another kit I've had for at least five years, laying around, waiting. I decided not to make the same mistake twice. So I modified it a bit. I think it still looks good and it will handle that higher thrust motor thus reach a higher altitude without any problems.

Waiting for GARLO!

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