Re: Estes "Quality Control" ??????????

Greg Smith

I have frequently had to peel a layer of paper from either the inside or outside of those rings to make them fit properly. Loose tolerances just seem to be a standard “feature” of that particular product.


One important hint, though: After you get them to fit, flow some thin CA between the paper layers on the edges of the rings. Sometimes the layers are not terribly well bonded and will fail by sliding apart under high thrust. Soaking them with CA will prevent this.






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Subject: [cia-rocketry] Estes "Quality Control" ??????????


I needed some for a modification project build I am working on for GARLO (fingers crossed).  So I bought a multi pack of Estes centering rings with various sizes.  You know, the fat ones, not the flat rings.  The package insert has the date June 2015 on it.  


Attached are two pictures. One of the rings I got.  

The second is the problem one.  This ring is supposed to fit a BT5.  There is NO way, NO chance, NOT EVEN close.  I had to sand them out to make them fit.  


Anyone else ever have problems with these?  

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