another space movie

Jonathan Sivier

I just finished watching "Moonwalk One." This was a documentary about the Apollo 11 mission that came out in the early 70's. Overall it was pretty good. It was a bit slow in spots, in particular the beginning and end, and a bit new-agey in places as you might expect for a movie of that era, but worth watching. It was shown on PBS last summer and I recorded it and have just gotten around to watching it. I don't know where it might be available, but it wouldn't surprise me if it could be found somewhere.

It had a lot of the usual footage of the launch, flight to the moon and landing. It also had some stuff I hadn't seen before. One part I found very interesting was where they showed the manufacture and assembly of parts of the space suits.

I'm not certain, but it sounded like some theremin music in the background in parts of the film.


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