Saturday #launch moved to Forsyth #Launch

Greg Smith

In order to support a test flight of a big rocket by a U of I student group, we’re planning to move the launch this Saturday (2/22/2020) to the large farm field near Forsyth, IL.


We will also need to leave the site by about 4:00 PM in order for some of us to attend the Insect Fear Film Festival that evening. Therefore, we’re also changing the start time for setup to 10:00 AM.


The forecast, especially for the wind, is still looking a bit marginal for Saturday. I’ll post my usual weather outlook message tomorrow evening and will make the final call about the launch around 8:00 AM Saturday.


So – launch moved to Forsyth, 10:00 AM, 2/22/2020.


Greg Smith  N9LHI
NAR 15881 * TRA 1974
Director of Operations, Central Illinois Aerospace
greg@...  217-840-1678



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