Re: Alessi

Christopher Deem

What is it made of? If it's metal, that could be problematic. As for the
advisability of converting a citrus juicer to rocket powered flight, I
may not be the best person to ask, since at our last launch I flew a
lawn ornament.

Christopher Brian Deem NAR 12308 TRA 2256 level 2

Gary Slater wrote:

Alessi is an Italian business that sells kitchen items like coffee
makers and citrus squeezers.

Some may remember the first pic I sent after a trip Jennifer and I
made to an Italian store in Chicago in early Dec.

Now see the real thing:>

I think I have possibly figured out a way to make this fly.
And if I have ,GARLO 2020 is it’s tentative maiden flight.

What do you think?

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