Launch CANCELED #Launch

Greg Smith

At 11:00 AM, it was 45°F in Champaign, with an ESE wind at 14 mph and heavy fog with vertical visibility of less than 200 feet.

Although the fog is expected to dissipate, the cloud ceiling is not forecast to rise above 600 feet during our launch window, and wind gusts up to 23 mph are predicted.

Therefore, today's launch is canceled.

We'll try again on Wednesday (January 1) and again on Saturday, January 11.

Just FYI, here's the NWS "terminal area forecast" for our launch period:

Text: FM281900 13013G20KT 2SM BR OVC006
Forecast period: 1900 to 2300 UTC 28 December 2019
Forecast type: FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds: from the SE (130 degrees) at 15 MPH (13 knots; 6.7 m/s) gusting to 23 MPH (20 knots; 10.3 m/s)
Visibility: 2.00 sm ( 3.22 km)
Ceiling: 600 feet AGL
Clouds: overcast cloud deck at 600 feet AGL
Weather: BR (mist)


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