night launch this Saturday #Launch

Jonathan Sivier

Our next scheduled launch will be on Saturday, September 14 at Dodds Park in Champaign. This will be our annual night launch, which means we will fly in the afternoon and then hang out a bit later than usual until it is dark and fly some rockets with lights and flashers. That means we'll be packing up in the dark, so flashlights, etc. are useful items to bring. It looks like there will be soccer games in the morning that will still be going on in the early afternoon. That means we may need to wait a bit to get set up and start flying. Watch for further information on when to meet to set up and when flying is likely to start in Greg's usual message later in the week about the likely conditions for the launch. I thought it would be good to give people a reminder of the night launch so they can be working on lights, etc. for their rockets during the week.


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