Shaun L. Bill

On the subject, I thought I'd pass along an idea to the group.
There definitely seemed to beĀ  lot fewer entries in the rocketry category in both McLean and Woodford counties. Maybe this would interest some individuals...or the group as a whole.

I was concerned by the lack of entries for some of my categories a few years back (at Woodford).
Fishing - 1
Forestry - 0
Outdoor Adventures - 1

One of the things that motivated me when I was a young 4-H'r was the premiums. They no longer offer premiums to entries.
I also found out that the have 4-H Foundations set up for each county.
So, I sent them some money. Now, each of the top three in each category gets a cash prize ($15/$10/$5). A $150 donation (per category) funded it for 5 years. (They even let me name the Fishing prize after my grandfather).

If anyone is interested in setting one up for Rocketry, I suggest you contact the county of interest and they can put you in touch with the Foundation for that county.

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