launches this month #Launch

Jonathan Sivier

We have launches scheduled for the 13th and 27th of this month. The
locations and times of these launches may be a bit different than usual.
Greg will send his usual announcements prior to the launches, but I
thought I would give a heads up on the plans for this month so people
can be aware of what is going on.

The launch for this coming Satuday, April 13, will most likely be
held at Dodds Park. If we are lucky enough to get our waiver by then
the launch will be relocated to the Rantoul launch site. However, we
are assuming that won't be the case and that the launch will be held at
Dodds. However, the soccer groups are playing in the park in the
morning, so we will have to wait until they are done before we can set
up. While we say we will meet there at noon and start flying at 1:00,
it is likely to be later than that. Sometimes we have to wait a couple
of hours for the soccer players to clear out. Just be aware that there
could be a delay in getting started on Saturday.

The launch on Saturday, April 27 will be held at the field in
Forsyth, near Decatur. We held a launch there last fall, and also in
the fall of 2017. This is a nice large farm field and we had a really
good time there last fall. Once again we hope to have a waiver in place
so we can fly some high power rockets, but even if we don't we will
still be flying at the Forsyth field. In this case we won't have to
wait for soccer players so we will plan on meeting at noon and hopefully
get flying by 1:00. You can find directions and a map to this launch
site on our web site at


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