Outlook for Saturday #Launch

Greg Smith

We have a rocket launch scheduled tomorrow, Saturday, February 9, at Dodds Park in Champaign.

Setup will begin at 12:00 noon, probably in the north half of the Dodds Park soccer field parking lots. We can fly until sundown at 5:21 PM. There will be no waiver in effect for this launch.

The forecast is a mix of good and bad:


Saturday - Sunny, with a high near 27. Wind chill values between -6 and 4. Northeast wind around 7 mph becoming east southeast in the morning. (*)


The clear sky and moderate wind speeds are nice. The temperature, wind chill and wind direction are not. (An ESE wind is about the worst possible direction for the Dodds Park field.) This makes me less than hopeful about our prospects for tomorrow. I'll look at the actual conditions and post the final launch status to this list shortly after 11:00 AM Saturday. You can call me after 11:00 AM tomorrow at 217-840-1678 for information.

Our next scheduled launch will be on Saturday, February 23. If it's nice, we may have some students from our Uni High class in attendance to fly their newly built BMS School Rockets. We'll also need to pack up a little early that day to attend the Insect Fear Film Festival in the evening.


Greg Smith N9LHI
NAR 15881 * TRA 1974
Director of Operations, Central Illinois Aerospace
GregS@illinois.edu 217-840-1678

* If you don't like Saturday's forecast, just wait until Sunday. Spoiler alert: the phrase "freezing rain" appears.

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