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Jonathan Sivier

In general you don't need to do anything. Your email will work the same as always, messages will come to you and you can reply to them, no change there. I just wanted people to know what that strange thing (#launch) was on messages that Greg (and possibly others) sends about our launches. You can just ignore it and it won't make any difference.

As I said there are some possible uses for hashtags that we might consider in the future. However, I don't think we really have enough traffic on this list to really need that sort of thing and there are other ways we could handle discussions of various topics if we thought that was needed.


On 2/7/2019 1:59 PM, Gary Slater wrote:
I am not very adept to the point of being a social media illiterate therefore have no understanding of hashtag stuff. I really have no idea or understanding about what you are talking about with this. I use email and that's about it. Rarely ever get on Facebook. Never on Twitter or the other places. Keeping it simple is best for me. How will I get notices and still be able to reply?
Thank you,
On February 7, 2019 at 1:17 PM Jonathan Sivier <> wrote:

We have a launch scheduled for this coming Saturday, though the
weather may cause us to cancel. When Greg sends out his messages about
the launch you may notice something different. We are trying out the
hashtag feature of this email list. Some people on the list have their
delivery setting as "Special Notices Only" which means they don't get
all of the messages sent to the list, only those marked as Special
Notices. In the past the only way to send a special message was through
the web interface. The hashtag "#launch" should allow Greg to send his
messages as special notices by normal email. Hopefully, this will keep
everyone better informed about club activities.

You can reply to these messages just as in the past. However, the
replies will not be marked as special notices so some people may not see
them. Also, only moderators on the list are allowed to initiate a
message with this hashtag. If you try to do so and aren't a moderator
you will get an error message asking you to edit the message (and remove
the hashtag).

If this works out we may add some more hashtags for various topics,
some that can be used by anyone. This could be a way to help organize
things by topic, for example messages about designing rockets or
something like that. We'll see if that seems useful or not. For the
moment we'll just use this one to mark messages pertaining to our rocket

I've marked this message with the hashtag so you can see what it
looks like. Hopefully this will be a useful tool for our club

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this topic.


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