Thank you for joining the Cats Health and Behavior Group. Most people find that this is a helpful, friendly list, and, in order to ensure that it stays that way, we have a few guidelines, as follows..

1. Advertising and SPAMming are not permitted. Nor is soliciting for donations, whether for yourself or for another.

2. Do not name vets or vet schools.

3. The group is not a substitute for veterinary care. Suggestions made by listmembers should always be discussed with a qualified vet, and should never be implemented without veterinary approval. No responsibility can be accepted.

4. The group does not permit attachments, including photos, in order to protect members from the risk of viruses. If you wish to share photos, please use the group photo section. We have limited storage space, so no more than three small photos per member please.

5. Messages are copyright to the original author, so please do not forward them to anybody else or use them elsewhere without the original author's permission.

6. Please trim your posts.

7. Please only use a signature of a reasonable length.

8. Certain topics tend to press people's buttons, such as declawing or the indoor/outdoor debate. These topics are not banned, but if discussions degenerate (as occasionally happens), or if this sort of topic has recently been discussed, you may be asked to cease discussion and be referred to recent posts on the subject.

9. Please be careful about copyright. Generally speaking, it is usually safer to give a link to a website rather than to repeat the content verbatim in a list post.

10. This is not a rescue group, and posts seeking homes for cats are not normally approved. Please try the cat rescue groups instead.

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