Dull meadowlark on Meiss Road By Jim Holmes ·
Pectoral Sandpiper in Yolo County By sean smith ·
A flock of Pacific Golden Plovers in Solano By Alvaro Jaramillo ·
Meiss road sparrows By Jim Holmes ·
More on Meiss Sparrows, Sacto Co. By Andy Engilis ·
Black-throated and Brewer's Sparrow. By Andy Engilis ·
Good Migrant Day on Putah Creek, Solano County By Andy Engilis ·
Blackthroated Sparrow SAC (different bird) By Gil Ewing ·
[] White-fro red Geese fly over in 3 hours By Brewbird ·
Cosumnes River Preserve the last several days By Glennah Trochet ·
Sacramento County Black-throated Sparrow on Michigan Bar By Lily Douglas ·
Cassin's Kingbirds Building Nest By Sal ·
lingering By Sally M. Walters ·
Cosumnes birds (mostly) the last week or so By Glennah Trochet ·
Cassin's Kingbirds Pairing Up By Sal ·
FOS western kingbird By Sally M. Walters ·
early Vaux swift By Michael Perrone ·
Buena Vista Rec Area By Bob Barnes ·
Early Calliope Hummingbird By kuschmanfred ·
Fresno Riverbottom Migrants By Nathan Parmeter ·
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