Yellow-billed observations

Sally M. Walters

Yellow-billed magpies are in Riverpark and Paradise Beach, and the golf course across the American River. They are not common and observed rather infrequently by me though I suspect they nest in the area.  In the 22 years I’ve been in RP, they visited my feeders briefly say for 2 weeks in March/April, then later with immature young but briefly.  The  area between Paradise Beach and H Street Bridge has been denuded of trees and shrubs due to levee work  - flood control.  Now they have been at my feeders every day most of the day since the trees were removed in mid March. One crow has followed them to my feeders but it is too heavy for the tubes and feeds on the spill.

I’m curious of what others in the area have noticed since the removal of mature trees and shrubs.

Sally Walters
Riverpark Sacramento