Tall Forest bird survey on Saturday

Glennah Trochet

Dear Birders,

This month’s Tall Forest bird survey will take place on Saturday, 17 September.  We will go through the locked Farm Center gate promptly at 6:15 a.m.  If interested, please sign up on the website (www.cosumnes.org) under "upcoming events."  The route is dry, so any footwear for broken ground should work.  PLEASE HAVE INSECT REPELLENT AT HAND.  The mosquitoes have been very troublesome in the last week. 

This morning’s was by far the best outing in the last week, with a nice variety of passerine migrants and a diversity of shorebirds, too.  Here's the summary of better bird finds.
black-becked stilt-  6
killdeer-  22
long-billed curlew-  1 (heard only)
least sandpiper-  160
semipalmated sandpiper-  1 (small- least sandpiper size- with a short, peg-like bill)
western sandpiper-  13
short-billed dowitcher-  1 (highly vocal when flushed by a harrier)
long-billed dowitcher-  85
greater yellowlegs-  18
lesser yellowlegs-  1
sandhill crane-  50 (roosting on Lost Slough East before sunrise)
ash-throated flycatcher-  1
willow flycatcher-  2
western flycatcher-  1
empid sp.-  1
warbling vireo-  1
yellow-billed magpie-  34 (roosting at Garcia's Swamp)
common raven-  8
blue-gray gnatcatcher-  1
cedar waxwing-  3
Lincoln's sparrow-  1
orange-crowned warbler-  1
common yellowthroat-  12
yellow warbler-  15
Audubon's warbler-  2
black-throated gray warbler-  1
Wilson's warbler-  8
western tanager-  6
lazuli bunting-  1
bunting sp.-  1

John Trochet