Sora, rails & mink, Cosumnes Preserve

Bob Greenleaf

Yesterday, I saw a Virginia rail toward the end of the concrete portion of the Cosumnes River Preserve boardwalk west of Franklin Blvd. I went back today about 7:30 to try and relocate it. Just before I got to near the end of the boardwalk, I saw a mink run across the trail in pursuit of what appeared to be a small rabbit. When I got to the rail location, no rail, but I saw a sora near the edge of the reeds to the right and farther back from where I saw the rail yesterday.After a few minutes, I heard the rail and it came into the open but with 5 very young black fuzzy “railings”, not older than a day or two. They all disappeared into a reed bed. I stayed for about 35 minutes, the rail moved partly obscured at the edges of the reeds and the sora continued to forage in view in the shade. Very interesting.